Unemployment Picture in Broward County

The unemployment rate in the CareerSource Broward region was 5.1 percent in June 2015. The unemployment rate decreased by 0.9 percentage point from the year‐ago rate of 6.0 percent. In June 2015, the Broward County unemployment rate was 0.4 percentage point lower than the state rate (5.5 percent) and 0.4 percentage point lower than the national rate (5.5 percent). Out of a labor force of 990,994, there were 50,432 unemployed Broward County residents.
Florida Minimum Wage Increased in January 2015

On January 1, 2015, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity implemented a new minimum wage. The new minimum wage is now $8.05/hour, an increase of $.12/hour over the previous rate. Please click here for the announcement, posters for employers to use at their worksites, in English and Spanish and other details.