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 Who is required to participate in workshops?

If you are a candidate for both TAA and WIOA programs can you do them both or just one program only

 Can we still apply for the training program funding if we do our own hiring?
 I was told that my food stamps would end because I didn't participate in a class. What class would they be referring to and can I participate online?

Can I use the phone, fax, and copiers, to copies to send to employers and such?

 What days and times do you have Orientations?
 If you take a class that is less than $8,200, does the balance go to you for bills, etc or do you just lose it?
 Is it true that you help people pay for college?
 Do you offer computer training?
 Do I need to register to get started with CareerSource Broward?
 If u are drawing retirement from another job can u draw unemployment from the job u just got laid off at
 What if your package was lo in the mail?? How will i know when is my interview?
 Employment for women with a felon
 I took a resume workshop class can it be helpful With my job searches for unemployment for Weekly benefits
 Is there an age limit on your services?
 Do u renew c.n.a license? N what the codt??
 When will I be notified if I got accepted for a summer job (SYEP)?
 Where can I find the WIOA checklist?
 What programs are available for students age 15 and under?
 What happens if you do not complete the program?
 do you offer janitorial training
 what days and time do yall do the federal bond program.
 What is the Age requirements on the OJT program
 Do u have school programs
 Do you accept donations of business clothes for job seekers?
 I would like to end my cash assistance benefits and need to know what steps I would need to take.
 Can I apply for unemployment if I am working part time?
 Do I have to make an appointment to speak to someone about employment help?
 We are having a networking event and would like for CareerSource Broward to attend. Is there a form to fill out?
 Can CareerSource Broward help me develop my resume?
 What are the requirements for qualifying for Up-Front Diversion? And how do you apply? Where?
 What can I do if an employer does not want to pay me for a week that I worked?
 How does your Federal Bonding program work and do you have a list of companies that use this service?
 Do you provide a program for convicted felons to help find employment or to help educate them?
 Is childcare assistance available through CareerSource Broward?
 What if I need additional training to get a job? Does your organization provide assistance to those looking to continue their education?
 I am a dislocated worker due to the downsizing of my company. Your staff member came to our offices to talk about your services. I would like to take some of your workshops and seminars. What do I need to do? Do I need to make an appointment? Do I need to come by your Resource Center?
 How do you post your resume for employers to view?
 How do I file my claims for umemployment compensation benefits?
 Does CareerSource Broward provide other services to businesses besides free job postings?
 How do I post a job opening in your system?
 Do your services cost my business any money?
 Are there any jobs available for teens age 16?
 How do I qualify for a summer job? What else do I need to know?
 How do I know if I am eligible for Florida’s Reemployment Assistance Program? How do I sign up if I am eligible?
 What type of organization is CareerSource Broward? Is it a private employment agency or a placement facility of a professional organization?