Plans and Presentations

The CareerSource Broward Employment Solution (CSBD) Strategic Plan is a document that sets its strategic direction. It is based on CSBD strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, presents a series of statements relating to its mission, vision and values and illustrates proposed objectives to achieve its goals. To view CareerSource Broward’s Mission, Vision and its Goals, please click here.

To view the CSBD Local Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Plan, please click here.

The Milestone Report is a presentation outlining the various accomplishments of the Broward Workforce Development Board as presented at the 2018 BWDB Planning Retreat.

Click here to view the Milestone Report.  Click here to view some year-to-date highlights by CareerSource Broward.

BWDB Legislative Agenda

At the beginning of each calendar year, the Broward County Workforce Development Board (BWDB) and its administrative entity, CareerSource Broward, identify political, legislative, and other external concerns that could affect workforce development and/or its effectiveness. Subsequently, this information serves as the foundation of its federal and state legislative agendas.

We invite you to view the below to keep updated with developments regarding our legislative agenda or to share your thoughts on proposed topics.


  • To view the 2019 Community Partner Legislative Agendas, please click here.

Six Pillars Broward Community Plan

In 2011, Broward County began the process of developing a strategic visioning plan through the year 2030, using the Six Pillars framework of the Florida Chamber Foundation as a strategic planning tool. More than 300 community volunteers from organizations throughout Broward County participated in the process, aligning community, government, economic development and education organizations toward common goals, which CareerSource Broward is a participant. 

To view the Six Pillars Broward Community Plan, please click here.


To view the BWDB Bylaws, please click here.