Career Services
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Career Services

If you are a jobseeker, everything you need to assist you with your job search, or lead you to information to help you gain the skills to conduct a search, is in this section of our site. Please view all the links to see where to go, and don't forget that we have three centers you can visit for workshops, use of equipment or face-to-face counseling.

It is CareerSource Broward’s goal to help you to become more competitive in your job search. For this reason, we require that all customers who seek our assistance have a résumé, since this will allow you to receive a job referral from a staff member or participate in on-site recruitment events in our centers. If you do not currently have a résumé, consider attending one of our job readiness workshops. Once you have a résumé, please ensure you update it periodically on the Employ Florida, so that employers can view your most recent qualifications. We wish you the best in your job search!  

Be sure to view our career search page for helpful tips and learn about our workshops, on-site recruitments, and much more!

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