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Welcome Employers

CareerSource Broward has long standing partnerships with thousands of Broward County employers. These partnerships were forged through by consistently providing valuable and timely services to our community -- all at no cost. Our staff has years of experience in helping businesses grow by assisting them to recruit qualified candidates who can immediately contribute to their bottom line. In just one phone call, we can help your business connect to a multitude of resources and services to meet your needs. To place a job order or to ask about our programs and services, please contact the Employer Services line at (954) 677-JOBS.  You can also read about more about our services by downloading our brochure here.

Each year, over 250,000 job seekers take advantage of our services by either placing their résumé in our system or participating in one of our training programs. Your business can access our vast database of job seekers simply by placing a job order with us.

The Employer Services provided by CareerSource Broward include:

  • Access to Thousands of Resumes
  • Local Recruiting
  • Pre-Screening Services
  • Easy & Convenient Job Postings
  • Employed Worker Training Grants
  • Grants for New & Expanding Businesses
  • Customized Training for existing employees
  • No-cost Mass Recruitment Services
  • On the Job Training Incentives
  • On-site Recruitments
  • Workforce Outplacement Services
  • Labor Market Information
  • Employer Forums
  • Career Fairs

Are you looking to hire a Veteran? We have many qualified veterans in our system. Call our Employer Services line at (954) 677-JOBS to place your job order. You may also qualify for Federal Tax incentives by hiring a Veteran. Click here for more details.

Do you have an entry level position available and you are looking to hire a young adult? If so, please contact the Youth Program Manager at (954) 202-3830 Ext. 3066 or youth@careersourcebroward.com.

Our Disability Employment Initiative matches employers with individuals with disabilities for quality employment opportunities. If you are an employer and you are interested in the program, please contact your local center and ask for the Employment Relations Coordinator (ERC).

"At 65, I felt that I was hitting age discrimination. I took several courses at CareerSource Broward, but the course that benefitted me most was the PPN course. I urge everyone who qualifies to take this invaluable course.

We are very fortunate to have stellar CareerSource Broward to guide us, boost our spirits, and help us get a job and lead us towards additional education if needed to get the job we want or even go into a new career field, The CareerSource Broward personnel are just fantastic and worderful and totally dedicated to you. They worked extremely hard to make a very negative experience (unemployment) into a positive one (a job). Let them help you. Take advantage of what they have to offer. This is what I did and it worked."

Diane Rechner