Exploring New Careers

CareerSource Broward offers a variety of programs, services and job training to youth 17 - 24 years old who are currently looking for employment. All of our resources are available at NO COST to you. There are several online resources that can help you match your skills and interests to a new dream career. Below are a few online tools to help you navigate your career path. 

Based on information received from local employers and industries, CareerSource Broward works with state agencies to develop information on occupations currently considered 'in demand' in Broward County. The first list provides the job title, expected number and growth in openings, and wage information, for occupations in demand. This information may be helpful as you consider job training or a new career:

  • The list of occupations in demand in Broward County is available here.
  • Download the 2015-2023 Projections Statewide or by Workforce Region. The spreadsheet shows the fastest growing occupations, the occupations with the most job openings, the median hourly wage, and the educational level of occupations in Broward County.
  • Click here to view videos showing the types of work people do in nearly 550 careers. 

Our primary partner website, Employ Florida, also has an extensive collection of links to resources for youth looking for a job, or otherwise weighing their post-schooling options for education or employment. To get to this collection of links, go to www.employflorida.com and then, from that main page, click on the Youth Services tab.